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The Roadmap to

 Bridal Beauty Success!

Become a 6-Figure

Bridal Beauty Expert!

Hi, my name is Nine!

(Yes, like the number.)

Just like many salon professionals, I had a successful career behind the chair of as a booth renter in a great salon, but I wanted to do something more with my career.

While still working in the salon, I started a bridal beauty side hustle called WedLocks. Within 1 year, that side hustle became my full-time hustle.

Now my company does over 400 weddings a year and 

I have a team of over 20 beauty professionals!

Naturally, that wasn't enough for me because I had to share that knowledge with other professionals who are also meant to do more with their careers.


I hope you will join me on this journey as I share everything I possibly can with you!

Create Financial Freedom!

Retail Therapy

Get Out From

Behind The Chair


What is coaching?

In this case, it is the two of us, coming together to identify what areas of your business need attention, and coming up with a plan of execution.

How do you build a team?

How do I attract the right brides?

How do I build a brand?

Should I hire employees or independent contractors?

When can I take a step back from the salon?

How do I get my work published?

Basically, I am an open book and I am here to guide you through your bridal business journey.

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Build the Beauty Business

of your Dreams.

Photographer: Diana Coulter



My education classes are jam packed with as much information as I can possibly give you. You can schedule private classes or host a class in your salon. Choose from our pre-designed classes or we can come up with a customized to your needs and skill level.

Bridal Makeup

Airbrush Foundation

Curling Workshop

Foundations Workshop

Updo Workshop

Alyssa G.

“Her class and her advice truly gave me the confidence to walk into an environment I never thought I would.“

Kendra T.

“Nine is one of the most gracious and encouraging mentors I’ve ever had. Her badassery is unparalleled!“



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