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About Wedlocks

In 2016, WedLocks took the Colorado bridal scene by storm and by its third years found itself doing over 400 weddings a year! Headed by its fearless leader and education junky, Nine Morrison, WedLocks is proud to bring all of its tips, tricks, and techniques to aspiring bridal beauty experts and budding entrepreneurs.

My goal with WedLocks Education is to demystify and bring bridal beauty education to stylists and makeup artist all around the country by offering group classes and bridal business coaching.



 About Nine

My name is Nine (yes, like the number) and I am an industry addict with a rockstar husband, 2 little monsters, and a hairless dogs. I love useless trivia, exploring antique shops, and watching obscure documentaries about random things like Fabergé eggs. I talk to my family constantly and I am comfortable saying that my Grandma Chich is my spirit animal.

In 2016, I was a successful booth renter, but I decided to start a little side hustle and called it WedLocks! Within a year and a half, I had to leave my clientele behind to run my company full time, all while still having babies and a LIFE! Today, WedLocks works on over 400 weddings a year and has over 20 hair and makeup artists working for us!

While I have found a wide array of passions in the beauty industry, (extensions, waxing, bridal, and balayage) I always come back to education. I am an absolute junky when it comes to business, productivity, and education! I want to be able to share my experiences and help as many professionals as I can to become successful and free them from being behind the chair for the rest of their careers.

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