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Are you made for more?


I've spent year and countless hours researching the most efficient ways to organize this super specialized industry.

Every business has different needs and every business owner has different goals. That is why I customize a battle plan that is unique to just you! 


 My name is Nine.

List Maker

Big Dreamer

Relentlessly Tenacious

400+ Wedding a Year Company

Moroccanoil Academy Educator

Documentary Lover

Do you want to create financial freedom?

Too many beauty professionals don't prepare for their future. When you create a lasting business that doesn't require you to work behind the chair, you can truly seek financial freedom.

Photographer: Lisa Rose

Ready to get out from behind the chair?

Do you plan on being behind the chair until your body gives up? 

Or do you want to make 6-figures on your terms and on your schedule?

How does it work?


During our strategy call, you and I will identify what your goals are and what areas need the most attention.

I will then come up with a customized battle plan for our call and have you approve it. You can always make adjustments to the areas that you want to work on.

During our call we will discuss all of our talking points, laid out in your battle plan, and come up with an action list for you to work on.



Fill out the inquiry form on our Booking page.


I will then send you a questionnaire to fill out.

Strategy Call


Battle Plan

After our strategy call, I will put together a customized battle plan for our coaching call.




We will get everything finalized with your contract & invoice

Coaching Call

Last, but not least, is our coaching call!

One-On-One Coaching with Nine


This includes: 

- One 30 minute strategy call

- Customized battle plan

- One hour phone or Skype coaching call

- Customized action plan

- Full access to my brain

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