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The average bridal party spends $1,000 on hair + makeup.

That means, if you do 2 weddings a week for 6 months, that is an additional $52,000 a year!

Photographer: Lisa Rose

Why Take a WLE Class?

As an academy educator and content creator for Moroccanoil, it is safe to say that I am absolutely obsessed with sharing knowledge!
I designed all of our WLE classes to be easy to digest, packed with useful knowledge, and most importantly, realistic and applicable techniques.
Lisa Rose Photography 

Only 20% of beauty professionals like working in bridal.

That's right! ONLY TWENTY PERCENT! That means by being a bridal beauty expert, you can immediately set yourself apart in an over saturated market!

Photographer: Grace Gatto

Boost your confidence and take your skills to the next level!

Want to create a new stream of income, but lack the confidence in working with brides?

The Classes

Photographer: Valeria Heine

The Foundations Workshop

In our Foundation Workshop we will be reviewing and improving some of the basic skills required for any bridal look.

Objective: To improve the skills and techniques required for bridal styling





Creating Lasting Volume


Tackling an Upo


The Updo Class


This is where you will learn some of the best techniques to create a flawless, but effortlessly crafted up style with techniques you will actually use!​Objective: To learn 3 bridal looks using 3 different techniques to achieve any bridal style behind the chair in 30 minutes




Pinterest vs. Reality

Incorporating Braids


Creating Texture

3 Bridal Looks

Photographer: Jessica Christie

The Makeup Class


In our Bridal Makeup Class, we go over the specific techniques MUAs use to achieve a long lasting, flawless, but natural bridal look.

Objective: To improve the skills and techniques required for bridal makeup.




Skin Prep

Skin Issues

Airbrush Foundation 



Standard Class


Pay a standard, flat rate for one 3 hour class in your salon space. You may have as many salon stylists that work in your salon in attendance.


1 Class - $250

2 Classes - $500


Photographer: Lisa Rose

Host A Class


This is a great opportunity for salons to host a class that is opened up to selling tickets to hair and makeup artists outside of the salon.

Here is how it works:

-The salon pays the standard class fee

-The salon earns back a percentage of each ticket sold.

-The salon can EARN BACK their class fee, or even MAKE MONEY if they sell all of their tickets!


1 Class - $250

2 Classes - $500


- You will have an all access pass to a bridal beauty expert.

- I am a wide open book, so you can ask me anything!

- Gain confidence in your bridal beauty skills.

- Increase your income without working more hours.

- Get out from behind the chair.

-Charge premium prices for your premium skill set.

- Become a bridal beauty expert.

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