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Meraki Wedding Photography

Photographer: Grace Gatto

The Roadmap to

 Bridal Beauty Success!

My 5-step system to building a bridal beauty brand that

turns your side hustle into an empire!

The WedLocks™

Partnership Program



Building a full-time income doing only bridal (in a seasonal market) seems like a TOTAL fantasy! That’s what I thought years ago until I cracked the code and turned my side-hustle into a bridal beauty empire.

The WedLocks™ Partnership Program is my yearly membership  program to guide you through how I built a $500,000 annual bridal beauty business in just a few years and still had time to have babies, travel the world, and work ONLY on the projects that inspire and fulfill me.


Sunnie Heers

#56737 O4-1-3.jpg

Hi, my name is Nine!

(Yes, like the number.)

Just like many salon professionals, I had a successful career behind the chair of as a booth renter in a great salon, but I wanted to do something more with my career.

While still working in the salon, I started a bridal beauty side hustle called WedLocks. Within 1 year, that side hustle became my full-time hustle.

Now my company does over 400 weddings a year and 

I have a team of over 20 beauty professionals!

Naturally, that wasn't enough for me because I had to share that knowledge with other professionals who are also meant to do more with their careers.


I hope you will join me on this journey as I share everything I possibly can with you!

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