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Partnership Program

The WedLocks™

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with WedLocks Signature PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

The online course that will give you access to my 5-step system and easy-to-follow blueprint to help you go from bridal beauty dreamer to bridal beauty bada** boss. Designed to help you turn your passion into a bridal beauty business empire.

I know what you may be thinking



I Cracked the Code, So You Don’t Have to.

With the perfect mix of educational modules, community support, and mentorship experience, this program walks you through how I built a half-million-dollar-a-year bridal beauty business in just a few years without selling my soul (or sanity) to the devil.


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Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Business Program.

But it is just what you need.

I designed the WedLocks Partnership Program specifically for bada** bridal beauty pros like you who are ready to turn their passion into a successful, sustainable, and scalable business. Remember, I’ve been in your shoes. I know what information you need (and what information you don’t). This go-at-your-own-pace program is a no-fluff approach to everything you need to build the foundation for your bridal beauty business or turn your successful side hustle into your full-time passion project.

What is it?

Join hundreds of bridal beauty professionals inside our exclusive membership community, where you’ll have access to my business-building secrets and strategies that work. Learn at your own pace and get the support you crave and the information you need.



Learn at your own pace with our 5-module course covering everything from branding to building your team. 


Begin planning your business with the 40+ page workbook and stay on track with easy-to-follow examples, checklists, templates, and guides.



Join like-minded beauty pros inside our exclusive Facebook group, where you can build connections and get support from those who get it.


Ask your burning questions and get the advice you need, or simply celebrate your victories, no matter how big or small.



Get support and guidance from the best in the biz.


Join the Facebook group and get exclusive insights from Nine and her arsenal of colleagues and business gurus from virtual assistants, marketing expert, copywriters, and content creators, just to name a few. 


This program is designed for the bridal beauty enthusiast who is:

Wanting to get out from behind the chair and focus on their passion for bridal beauty. 

Wasting hours and hours trying to string together a plan for success using free resources online that may (or may not) work. 

Looking for a mentor to guide you through the process and answer your unique questions as they come up. 

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, trying to navigate all of the logistics on their own. 

Needing to grow their team of professionals beyond a few friends but has no idea where to start. 

Losing sleep and sanity trying to keep up with inquiries, follow-ups, contracts, and other communications. 

Hoping to expand their existing salon to generate more revenue with a bridal beauty team.

Craving to learn the exact steps to take their existing bridal beauty business to the next level. 

Sound like you?

Here's your sneak peek

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 Module 1


Build a brand that attracts your ideal bride every single time.


Your branding is what makes you stand out from the crowd.  Learn the essentials to building a brand that fully aligns with your vision, from what you value to who you serve. (Do I have an entire mood board dedicated to my ideal bride? You bet I do.) Structure your brand in a way that can evolve and grow with you.

Get ready to: 

  • Identity the why behind your brand

  • Uncover who your ideal bride is

  • Create a custom brand board

 Module 2


Create a website that turns looky-lous into leads.


Your website is the gateway to your business. Dive into the secrets behind how to attract your ideal brides with the right content and discover the exact elements your website needs to start bringing in those leads!

Not a graphic designer? Not a problem!


Get ready to: 

  • Establish the layout + flow of your website

  • Discuss the key elements you NEED to have on your site

  • Discover what will attract your ideal client


 Module 3


Ditch the overwhelm and create a strategy that works for you.


You know marketing is essential in any industry, but learn the techniques that actually work in this industry no matter where you are in your business. Learn everything from when it’s worth paying for marketing (and when it isn’t) to how to simplify asking for reviews. You’ll also get my favorite tips, tricks, and tools to make social media marketing a breeze. 


Get ready to learn: ​

  • The power of reviews when building your online presence 

  • Time-saving social media strategies

  • Unique ways to network and get your name out there in your market

  • *Bonus* how (and when) to get started with email marketing

 Module 4


Work smarter, not harder by staying organized in every aspect of your biz.


The secret to turning leads into bookings lies in organization + communication. This module is your all-access pass to how WedLocks is organized and operated. Learn our exact framework and workflow for closing sales. Turn those marketing efforts into money in your pocket!

Get ready to: 

  • Automate your workflow, including client communications

  • Close the sale by using the three keys to success

Understand why communication, organization, and convenience are essential to your success and sanity

wedlocks snatchelorette - meraki - 2.JPG

 Module 5


Build your ideal support squad and let your business work for you. 


Hiring the right team of professionals is an essential element of a thriving and sustainable bridal beauty business. Not only does a team allow you to scale, but it also allows you to stay focused on the aspects of your business you love most. Learn everything from how to define (and ultimately attract) your ideal professional to how to be a badass leader.  


Get ready to learn:

  • How to recruit + find qualified talent to join your team 

  • The differences between hiring independent contractors vs. employees

  • Why culture is queen and how to set the tone in your business

  • Secrets for success when scheduling your team

Jump start your businesses with these

Discount Codes for some of my must-have tools for operating and organizing your biz

A bank of Downloadable Templates including emails, bride guide, contracts, and more. 

A Bonus Module to walk you through the essentials of Email Marketing. 

Exclusive Sneak Peeks and Access to other WedLocks Education programs and courses.


… and we’re always adding more!

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Partner Sign Up
Copy of Course Mockup Templates.png

Sounds Like Exactly What I Need!

...but how much are we talking?



One Time Payment


Meet your mentor...
Nine Morrison
Founder + CEO of WedLocks™

Hey there. I’m Nine (yes, like the number). 

WedLocks started as a dream while renting a booth at a local salon. So, if that’s where you’re at, know that I’ve been there too. When I finally took action and started investing time and energy into my dream, I had myself a side hustle baby. I had no idea that in a little over a year I would be saying sayonara to the salon and running my business full-time. 


Over the years, I’ve developed WeldLocks into my dream business. Now, I work with my ideal brides, have an incredible team of 20+ rockstar professionals, and charge big bucks to do what I love. I have my own hair extension line, education programs, and manage to raise my two rugrats while I’m at it. 


No one ever told me that I could make a living only doing weddings, but I knew it was where my heart was. And hey, maybe no one ever told you that you could either. I’m here to tell you that you can!


Better yet, I’m ready to show you just how to do it. 


Sound good?

Everything You Need.
All In One Place.

Save yourself from hours of scrounging the web piecemealing a strategy that *might* world. The WedLocks Partnership Program lays out all the foundational elements you need to start building your bridal beauty empire. It’s everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

It’s the program I wish I had access to back in the day. 

✔ ️ Easy-to-follow lessons and video modules so you can learn when you want, where you want.

✔  Access to countless tips, tricks, and resources that work. 

✔ Step-by-step overview of systems and strategies that will have you working smarter, not harder. 

✔  A community of like-minded and inspired beauty professionals who get it.

✔  Guidance and support from one of the best in the biz – who’s been where you are right now.


Meraki Wedding Photography

The fact that you've made it all the way down here,
tells me something

You scrolled past all the details and just wanted to get to the point or you’re still on the fence and need a final push to take the next step. 


Either way, here it is… 


This program walks you through exactly you can build a bridal beauty business that:


… attracts your ideal brides and turns them into paying clients. (Bye-bye looky-lous!) 

… has easy-to-follow systems for workflow and client communication. 

… is so successful you have to turn away leads instead of chasing them down. 

… generates income on a scalable level with the help of a rockstar team. 


I’m ready to hand over the blueprint, Love. 

(If you want it.)

Not sure if the Partnership Program is the right fit for you? 

Still mulling it over?

Been there. Investing in your business and yourself can be a big (sometimes scary) decision. 

You deserve to be as confident in your investment as I am. So, let’s chat and determine if the WedLocks Partnership Program is right for you. 

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