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I'm Spilling My BIGGEST Bridal Beauty Business Secrets.


Join me inside this FREE Bridal Beauty Business mini-course to learn the biggest secrets behind how I said bye-bye to booth life and built a 400+ wedding a year bridal beauty business of my own. And if that sounds too good to be true, I’m living proof that it isn’t

But I’m not here to talk about my bridal beauty business. I’m here to help you start building one of your own.


Samantha Ruscher




Peach and Honey

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the mere idea of figuring out how to build my own bridal beauty business. To get lost in the black hole of resources online. To feel envious of those who took the leap and were living the life I wanted. Where does one even start? (Right here.) I’ve taken the guesswork out of building a thriving bridal beauty business so you can get right to the good stuff and focus on what matters most.

Get Ready to Dive into my Four BIGGEST Secrets that Will Help You:

Attract More Leads.png

Attract More Leads

Learn how to collect reviews and how to use them to increase SEO and drive more leads.

Target Your Ideal Bride.png

Target Your Ideal Bride

Save yourself time and stop chasing leads that won’t commit or can’t afford you. 

Stay Organized.png

Stay Organized

Learn why automation is key. Work smarter, not harder so you can focus on doing more of what you love. 

Close the sale.png

Close the Sale

Learn the steps to take to follow up with leads, including when to reach out and what to say when you do. 

Here's the deal, love.
In this totally free mini course you'll learn:

  • Why reviews are a MAJOR asset to your business, including when and how to ask for reviews are a MAJOR asset to your business. 

  • How to get better quality leads, including my number one website must-have to attract your ideal brides. 

  • How to stay organized and keep track of everything from leads to invoices, including a special offer for my go-to Customer Relation Management (CRM) solution. 

  • How to close the sale without nagging or sounding pushy, including the secret to our 80%+ closing rate.

I’ll answer the burning questions so many aspiring beauty-preneurs have, including:


  • Where should I be asking my clients to leave reviews? 

  • How can I make asking for reviews less of a hassle?

  • Should I put my pricing on my website? 

  • How can I keep track of all the paperwork and communication?

  • What’s the best way to follow up with leads without sounding desperate? 

  • When should I reach out to a prospective bride if I haven’t heard from them? 

  • How can I get brides to commit without being pushy? 


… but you’ll have to join me in the course to dive into the details, Love.


Samantha Ruscher


Meet Nine Morrison, Founder + CEO of WedLocks™

What started as a side hustle is now a 400+ wedding a year bridal beauty business. That’s right. I first dreamt up the idea for Wedlocks while earning commissions as a booth renter at a local salon. In a little over a year, that side hustle turned into my full-time job. Since then, I’ve collaborated with major brands on their education program, continued traveling the world, worked with my ideal bride, and even created my own line of hair extensions, and so much more. I’ve hired over twenty professionals to join the Wedlocks family and have helped X beauty-preneurs build their dream business. 


But, before any of that, I was just like you. 

I had a passion and a vision but wasn’t exactly sure how to make it a reality. Now, I’m committed to helping beauty-preneurs build thriving bridal beauty businesses. Consider me your bridal beauty BFF and mentor ready to help you stop guessing and start building a successful and sustainable business. And I’m excited to spill my four biggest secrets behind how I built a 400+ wedding a year bridal beauty business for free.

What's the Catch?

You’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you to access these game-changing secrets, right? This mini-course is completely free. That’s right. ZERO DOLLARS. All I’m asking for is less than 25 minutes of your time. (And whatever it costs for a pen and paper because – trust me – you’ll want to take notes.) 

You have nothing to lose, Love, and so much to gain.


NOT SURE IF YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?Before the self-doubt rains on your passion parade, hear me out.

Before you give in to your fears and get stuck on “I can’t,” know that I built Wedlocks while renting a booth from a salon, raising two rugrats, traveling the world, remodeling a fixer-upper, and all the other chaos that comes with life. In other words, I’ve been there too. And now? I’m here. 

So, if you’re waiting for the “right” time, stop waiting. Start doing.

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