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Partnership Program

The WedLocks™

Meraki Wedding Photography

My 5-step system to building a bridal beauty brand that

turns leads into bookings

in just 30 days!

What is the

Partnership Program?

Building a full-time income doing only bridal (in a seasonal market) seems like a TOTAL fantasy! That’s what I thought years ago until I cracked the code and turned my side-hustle into a bridal beauty empire.

The WedLocks™ Partnership Program is my 30-day program to guide you through how I built a $500,000 annual bridal beauty business in just a few years and still had time to have babies, travel the world, and work ONLY on the projects that inspire and fulfill me.


There are dozens of courses and programs that teaches you how to start a bridal beauty business, but this is the only program that will teach you how to take that business and turn it into an EMPIRE!


DGass Photography


DGass Photography

This program is for you if:

You want to get out from behind-the-chair and start doing more bridal work.

You are clueless when it comes to growing your team to more than just you and a couple of friends.

You are lost when it comes to keeping up of inquiries, follow-ups, and keeping track of deposits and contracts.


You have an existing salon and you are ready to build a bridal team to generate more revenue.


You have an existing bridal biz, but you are ready to take it to the next level!

I’m handing over my exact formula on how I created a

400+ wedding a year bridal beauty business

in under 3 years

 Imagine if you could . . .

Create a sustainable business that generates income without you even being there.

Start working on your business instead of in it!

Have an exact roadmap of how to build a successful bridal beauty brand including: building  a team, client workflows, and marketing.

If you could start turning leads into bookings, to the point you are actually turning away leads because you are already booked!

Start choosing the clients you want to be working with instead of taking every inquiry that comes in.

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Meraki Wedding Photography

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Meraki Wedding Photography

 Meet your mentor...

When I started my bridal beauty side hustle, I had no idea that in only a year, I would have to leave the salon world to run my business full-time! WedLocks now does over 400+ weddings a year, we have a team of professionals, and as the owner, I get to run my business and do only the weddings I WANT to work on.

Pretty bitchin', right?!




In this module, you will learn how to create your own bridal beauty brand that attracts your ideal bride EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Not only will you be creating a brand that stands out from the crowd, you will also be building a sustainable business that can evolve and grow with you.




One of the keys to my success, was having a bitchin' website that kept attracting our ideal bride over and over again. In this module, I will walk you through the exact elements your website needs to start bringing in those leads!

Not a graphic designer? Not a problem!




In the world dominated by social media and review sites, figuring out where to spend your time, energy, and money on marketing is enough to bring an overwhelmed beauty-preneur to tears! Well not anymore! I have a strategy for you that works whether you are dipping your toe in the water or you are ready to take a dive into the proverbial pool.




Want to know the secret to turning leads into bookings?

Organization + Communication

This module is where I show you my exact workflow + emails that will turn the leads generated from your marketing efforts into money in your pocket!



Building a Team

Want to know how to create a thriving business while getting to still do what you love? Then you stop trading all of your time for money and start building a team that can make money for you while you can work on the parts of your business that fulfill you!

Let's start working smarter and not harder


Alicia Rinka

What bonuses do you get?

Be on the WedLocks™ Salon Locator

Recieve WedLocks referrals

Exclusive partnership in your territory

Mentorship by yours truly

Monthly mastermind groups

Access to our private Facebook community

A welcome package




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