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5 Easy Ways Your Salon Can Book More Weddings

I don't mean to brag, but weddings are kind of my thing. No seriously! That's all I do! My bridal beauty company (WedLocks) does over 400 weddings a year. Pretty crazy right? And it all started because there were no salons offering on-location services for brides in my area. So here are 5 easy ways your salon can book more weddings!

1. Add a bridal page to your salon's website

If you don't already have a dedicated page for weddings on your website, do it! This will not only help you show up in Google searches, but it will also give brides the information they need like pricing, portfolio, etc.

2. Get photos from photographers

This is actually one of the easiest things you can do! I include a photography release in our contract with the bride, so once a quarter, I go back, stalk photographers, ask them for the gallery, and download all my faves! Most photographers are more than happy to share and have you post their work, but be absolutely sure that you credit them in EVERYTHING!

3. Offer on-location services

Think about it. What bride doesn't want to have her Beyonce moment for her wedding and have the whole glam squad come to her? If you can have your team show up on-location, it is a WAY better experience for the bride and you can charge a premium price as well!

4. Get on the Knot & WeddingWire

The #1 way brides find vendors is on review sites, especially if you are in a destination location! So get on there, ask your previous brides for reviews, and get found!

5. Spread the word!

Shamelessly ask past clients for reviews, share all of your gorgeous wedding photos on social media, and make sure your SEO on your website is set up to show up on Google searches!

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