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5 Policies You Will Want in Your Bridal Contract

* This is not legal advice. Please advise an attorney prior to building your contract.*


You will want to be crystal clear on what your policies are surrounding trials. If you don't specifically say that you don't do trials on Saturdays and Sundays, every bride will expect their trial to be on a day that is convenient for them, which is usually the weekend.

When are trials done?

Where are trials done?

How far out are trials done?


Lay out exactly how clients can add and remove services. You will want them to know whether or not they can add or remove services after the contract is signed. You don't want to have a whole team reserved for 20 services just for the bride to remove all but 5 the week before the wedding.

Can you remove services?

Can you add services?

Can you switch around services?


This is your money honey, so be clear on who holds the responsibility. Be sure to lay out exactly when payments are due and how they are paid.

Where is the final payment coming from?

Can you take payment on multiple cards?

Who is financially responsible?


What happens if there is a blizzard, hurricane, or terrrorist attack that prevent you from physically getting to a wedding? Do you have to return their deposit? A Force Majeure clause is something you may want to look into.

Photography Release

I always recommend a photography release in every contract. Clients have the option to not sign the release, but most do and don't mind you using their photos in your advertising or marketing.

Happy contracting my friends!

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