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Attract the Perfect Bride Every Time

I don't know if you have been over to our Freebie Library, but get over there quick! We have a bunch of bitchin' free downloads and we are always adding to it!

One of my favorite freebies is our Perfect Bride Worksheet.

When I was starting my business I spoke with a mentor of mine, Alison Harper (go check her out!) and she told me to figure out who my ideal client was. But not just your typical, she is between 28-32 years old, she is a college graduate, she has a six figure job, blah, blah, blah. She needs to be real! What's her name? How did she meet her fiancé? What are her hobbies? What's her cat's name? What does she do on a girl's night?

Once you know everything about her, you can start thinking about her in your business decisions and BAM, next thing you know, every bride you book, will be her!

Sounding a little too woo woo for you? I thought the same thing. But what can it hurt right?

So I took Alison's advise and I created Emily Treply, WedLocks's perfect bride. I started thinking about Emily every time I came across something that I could use her input on. For instance, I was redesigning our logo and I was stuck on using succulents or peonies. I thought, "What would Emily like best?" Emily loves being on trend, but she also love something that is classic and will withstand the test of time. Succulents are definitely on trend, but peonies are something that will never go out of style. So we went with the peonies. This is just one example of when I pull Emily in on my business decisions, but what started happening next was CRAZY!

Now here is where things get a little bit spooky. Alison was right! From that day on, it seemed like every single one of our brides was EMILY! It got to the point where I was genuinely a little freaked out because we had multiple bride who worked the same job as Emily, lived in the same neighborhood that she did, and I kid you not, one bride's cat even had the same name!

There is something to be said about the law of attraction and putting things out into the universe, but what it really boils down to is psychology and marketing.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get your FREE Perfect Bride Worksheet right now! And book the bride of your dreams every time!

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