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Confessions of a Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist

Over the last 5 years in the wedding industry, we have seen and heard it all! And yet, somehow, we still hear and see new and CRAZY things all the time! We hear stories about wedding vendors that never show up, ALL THE TIME! Talk about a bride's worst nightmare! But what happens when too many vendors show up?

This Summer, a bride, (lets call her Jessica,) hired us for her wedding. During her trial, she told her professional (lets call her Brittney,) that she had done a trial with another HMUA, but then after the trial, she couldn't get a hold of her again. Jessica had emailed her, called her, even tried social media and there was complete radio silence. She figured, well if this girl didn't want her business, she would find someone who would. Then, she found us. She got her wedding date reserved, deposit, contract, everything all set and super easy.

Let's fast forward to the wedding. Our professional, Brittney has been getting the bridal party ready over the last couple of hours and is just getting started on Jessica. Out of nowhere, the other HMUA that Jessica had done a trial with months prior, shows up!

The HMUA goes "Hey everyone! I'm so-and-so and I am here for hair and makeup." Brittney, Jessica, and the entire bridal party were dumb founded and confused. Jessica had had ZERO communication from her, had not given her a deposit, and had not signed a contract. That means this HMUA just made up a time and showed up without having any further communication with the bride. WTH?!?!?!

Needless to say, Jessica then had a private conversation with the other HMUA and she obviously left.

Just a day in the life of a bridal beauty pro!

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