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Finding Your Why

What is your why?

Your why, when it comes to your business, is essentially your mission statement. It is the purpose for your business and it’s reason for existing.

Most why’s revolve around creating change in someway. Your why can be to change your lifestyle, to improve industry standards, or provide an enhanced level of service, just to name a few. You may be thinking, but I want all of those things and thats okay! Our company has two mission statements, one for our team and one for our brides.

Why do you need a why?

Your why should be the DNA of your business and basically the purpose for everything you do. Whenever you are at a crossroads, you can think about which option will bring you closer to your mission statement. When you’ve lost your motivation, think of your why to spark that drive back into you.

One book that I love, that really simplifies everything when it comes to your brand, your business, and finding your why is, Building a StoryBrand. This book will walk you through the steps that will help you identify your why, your client, and how to communicate that. They also have some awesome online resources to help you organize all of your thoughts.

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