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How I Schedule 100 Days of Instagram Content in 1 Day

If you read the title of this and thought, "No way!" Well, WAY! I do this every quarter and let me tell you my friend, it is soul sucking, but it is WORTH IT!

It has taken me the better part of the last 4 years to get a good system down for scheduling my social media, and I am here to share with you all of my secrets!

Photography Release

The first thing we need to discuss is getting photos. Do you have a photography release built into you bridal contract? If not, do it horita (right now, right now!) A few months after the wedding, reach out to the photographer and tell them you have permission, they send you the gallery, and you can download directly from there. Be sure to always credit your photographers (and other vendors if you can!)

4 Elements to an Instagram Post





Watch the video below to see exactly how I lay out my social media planning using Buffer!

Happy social media planning,

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