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Want to Send Gorgeous Emails? Here's How!

Have you been getting our emails and thinking "Damn! How does she get these emails to look so good?!" Well, I am going to let you in on a little secret, FLODESK!

Yes, my friends, I am using Flodesk. What is Flodesk? It is an email marketing system that is 100 time easier than anything else out there and your emails will also look 100 times better! Flodesk has dozens of templates for you to choose from (even templates from the content queen Jenna Kutcher) and it makes branding you emails so much easier.

If you have missed some of my tutorials on our IGTV, no worries, I always upload them to our Youtube channel and share them with you here too.

How to Create an Email Using Flodesk

Flodesk: Subscriber, Segments, Workflows, & Forms

Have a gorgeous weekend friends!

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