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Why You Should Start A Bridal Beauty Business

I was a successful booth renter in a salon, living the dream, helping support my family, and happy in my career. However, my entrepreneurial side got the best of me and I decided to start a little side hustle called WedLocks. Within a year, my little side hustle turned into a full blown business that could support me full time. Now WedLocks does over 400 weddings a year, my husband works for me, we can travel whenever we want, and I am living the life I dreamed of! So want to know why I think you should start a bridal beauty business?

1. There is very little overhead

When I first started WedLocks, I had $150 for my website hosting, and I asked for previous bridal clients to write some reviews and from then on, we were in business. Now, every bridal market is different, but one of the beautiful parts about this business model, is that you need almost no money to start it. Think about it, you don't even need a salon to work out of because you can do everything on location! Brilliant!

2. Create financial freedom

The first three years of my business were non-stop work! I still check my emails everyday and I still have a hard time not working, but the amount of other freedoms I have now, are well worth it! At this point in our company, I can choose how many weddings I want to do and I can charge a premium rate to work with me. The best part though, I can run my business from anywhere! One time my husband and I went to London and Paris for 10 days without anyone knowing we were even gone! I was able to run WedLocks from our Airbnb while my husband took a nap and I had about an hour of work a day. It was a dream!

3. Become an expert

Can I tell you a secret? I wasn't very good at bridal and updos when I started WedLocks. I had the idea before I had the skill, but I definitely believe that when there is a will, there is a way, and by God, I had all the will! Once WedLocks was off the ground, I watched hundreds of hours of YouTube and Instagram tutorials. I mean HUNDREDS of hours! And then, I practiced, and practiced, and then, you guessed it, I practiced some more. I didn't wake up being able to just do an updo, I put in the work. The only thing I would have done differently is I would have invested more money in education sooner. You gain so much more when you can actually work one-on-one with an actual human and the the return on you investment is 1000% worth it! Which is the entire reason we started WedLocks Education!

Well I hope this has convinced you to start your own BBB (bridal beauty business) because it is one of the most magical industries every!

If you would like to book a FREE strategy call with me to see how I can help you get started in your bridal business, CLICK HERE!

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