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3 Ways to Build Your Bridal Content

Ask Photographers

If you have already begun working on weddings, I would highly suggest adding a photo release to your contract. This is an optional release that brides may initial which gives you permission to use their images. A couple of months after the wedding, I go ahead and hit up the photographer directly, they give me access to the gallery, and I download the photos I want. Voila! Free, professional content!

Styled Shoots

Styled shoots can take some serious energy to plan, but they are also amazing because you can do whatever your creative little heart desires. You can easily find a coordinator, who understands your vision, work together and put on a fantastic shoot! All the vendors are donating their time and service and everyone wins!

Mini Styled Shoots

I, myself, love doing mini styled shoots. I find it is much easier to work directly with a model and take the photos myself. I have also teamed up with models and photographers, and together, the three of us create whatever kind of magic we want, whenever we want!

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