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Brides, Braids, & Buns

We are so excited about the launch of our first downloadable Ebook, Brides, Braids, & Buns!

The goal of our Ebooks are to demystify the updo, create easy to digest step-by-step instructions, and create actual, functionally looks.

Most salon professionals who don't like doing bridal said it was because they didn't feel confident in their up styling skills due to a lack of education.

The other thing that is a real pet peeve of mine, is when you go to a class and all of the looks are incredibly "runway" or "editorial" and they aren't actually functional in everyday bridal.

The best part, we wanted to keep everything short, sweet, and to the point for you! (Something that can be very hard for me since I am a storyteller.)

We hope you enjoy our Brides, Braids, and Buns Ebook!

Get yours here for only $10!

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