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Finding Your Ideal Bride

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given, (thank you Alison Harper!) was to know your ideal bride! This one little piece of advice, early on, is what I think one of the keys to our success has been. If you decide to join me on this journey to find your ideal bride (this also works with any type of business) then I PROMISE, you will have the client of your dreams, every single time!

The key to this is to really know who she is! I'm not talking about a vague description like; 27-32, makes a lot of money, lives in a nice neighborhood, etc. You want to be as specific as possible!

For example: Emily is 31 and met her fiancé her sophomore year in college. She lives in the Tennyson neighborhood of Denver which means she loves to go out, for a bite to eat or grab a local craft beer from Atomic Cowboy . . .

I know this might seem extra, but I promise, it makes all the difference, the more detailed you can be. After all, she need to feel like she is a real person in you mind.

What do you do once you know who your ideal bride is? Great question! You are going to start consulting her in some of your business decisions. When you are looking at your website, ask yourself, “Would my ideal bride love our website?” Or when you are designing your logo and you cant decide between succulents or peonies, ask yourself “What would Emily like the most?” Include her in as many business decisions as you can!

Story time! When I first did this exercise, I was BLOWN AWAY! And also a little scared because once I figured out who our ideal bride was, every bride who sat in my chair was her! I’m not kidding! They either had the same job, same name, lived in the same neighborhood, and one bride even had the same name for her cat!

Needless to say, I was a little spooked because I couldn’t believe how I had manifested all of that!

The best part about knowing your ideal bride is that once you know who she is and really start honing in on that, you will never have a bridezilla again. (Well almost never, sometimes one may fall through the cracks.)

Have fun finding your ideal bride!

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